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Friday, January 30, 2009

Emergency Yodel Button

Screenshot024 2009-01-30, 10_02_41

Only 13$ here.

Available free in virtual format here.

Expanding Bookcase

rek-bookcase-by-reinier-de-jong-squrek_2 rek-bookcase-by-reinier-de-jong-rek_1

14 year old dupes police

This 14 year old boy showed up at a Chicago police station, got an assignment and went on a five hour patrol before it was noticed that he wasn't an officer.

Andrea Klarin

A photographer with some work that I quite like.

Screenshot001 2009-01-30, 09_16_08 Screenshot006 2009-01-30, 09_23_55 Screenshot007 2009-01-30, 09_24_23 Screenshot010 2009-01-30, 09_30_47 Screenshot011 2009-01-30, 09_31_01 Screenshot012 2009-01-30, 09_31_38 Screenshot014 2009-01-30, 09_36_56 Screenshot015 2009-01-30, 09_37_07 Screenshot019 2009-01-30, 09_40_29


This website showcases pictures that have exactly one of every pixel in the (24 bit) RGB spectrum.  A few of them are really cool, my favorite being the eye below.


100 Pictures of Abandoned Houses

Very cool in theory...slightly less cool in practice.  Still cool though.

I thin some of them may be ready to


50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

Things like,


Worse than finding out your now husband and lover is your brother?

Finding out the courts are annulling your marriage, charging you a fine and trying to take your child.


Operation leaves one leg too short?

After the operation was to fix the other leg being to short?!


Friday, January 16, 2009


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Great Photography

Shyp1SHY0ipe400nVJBU9xTao1_500 Creepy-Houses-16 HesEVMWRfgi65pi8mMusgVmEo1_500 Creepy-Houses-22 a35_17294295 Creepy-Houses-24 1fdtdYBtygi2vv1buUHWh65eo1_500 AGO_opening_press_conference_hall_empty_04 Creepy-Houses-26  1101_os cf04_17066105 QPnqMHihxil646qr1heLvNKYo1_500



 huntington_beach_wide_clouds_01 1fdtdYBtygi2z7f8pBV7q266o1_500 Russian-Grafitti-02 Pooten08.10.31.1 Russian-Grafitti-01   Pooten07.09.09.2


The_Simpsonzu_by_spacecoyote putin-775820 KtLtMO3rJihrw1v7uiRWbxQJo1_500


funny-pillows-07 1711354964_e10313a86e Funny-Bizarre-Bicycles-16 lwz2nwAoOihtl8ho3ng723dRo1_500 7811

Browser Wars


A timeline of web browser usage since 2002.