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Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweet car, man

Apparently instead of doing a lot of CG work they actually designed, engineered and built the Tumbler (new batmobile). It apparently cost about 10 million dollars to design and build 4 of them (and a 1:3 scale remote used for the rooftop scenes).
-It goes 220mph
-Is built largely out of carbon fiber
-Weights 2.5 tons
-Can do 0-60 in less than 5 seconds (on normal engines)
-Actually makes the sharp turns shown in the movie
-Has a almost 5,000cc engine (over 500 horsepower)
-Actually has actuating flaps for stopping quickly
-Actually has a landing hook
-And the most amazing thing

It does in fact have a real jet engine (though they modified it and used propane instead of jet fuel) that with the assistance of hydraulics is capable of launching the car on a self propelled jump of over 30 feet. They did in fact use no CG on the car, when you see the car just they actually had someone in the car using a jet engine to jump the car. Some of the jump scenes were the smaller scale car, such as the roof scenes, but most of the street jumps and even the scene where they jumped it off of a cliff, through a waterfall and into the batcave were actually preformed in the real vehicle with a stunt guy driving.
How cool is that?

At only 250,000$ production cost each I think they should market these, if I were rich I would totally buy one. That's cheaper than a lot of less cool designer cars. Though apparently the jet can only just 2 or 3 times without being refilled and I'm sure at 2.5 tons on a Chevy V8 (which is what it has) it gets maybe 3 or 4 miles to the gallon. Also it apparently has a lot of screens inside it connected to body-mounted cameras as visibility is terrible and it took professional stunt drivers 6 months of driving to get good enough to do the stunt scenes they filmed in Chicago. (But can you imagine getting to drive that thing through Chicago and actually crash through concrete blocks going 100mph? I would LOVE to do that. OMG you have no idea.) Amusingly they had to commission a UK car company to design it as Ford, Chevy and all of the other America companies turned the project down stating it was either impossible or to complex to do.

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