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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I haven't posted in a while because I've been really busy but this is just too hilarious and so I have to post it.

It's some kind of foreign read-to-you book about staying a virgin..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Link List

New Star Trek Trailer!

Thinkgeek - 60$ Steel Gauntlets

40 Million Candlepower Lantern

Transparent PSP Billboards - These are pretty sweet

Creative Lamp Designs

Mac Vs. Windows - A site with detailed comparisons of particular features, very cool actually

Snackr - A scrolling feed reader, very cool

Dicikpedia - A wiki of people (and a few things) who (that) are dicks.  Very funny and many well written articles.

Kawaii Not - The comic for cute gone bad

How to say "I Love You" in 100 launguages

50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do - This is a really good list, actually.

Worlds Busiest Container Port - Picture Bellow




These seem unnecessary

Funny-Bizarre-Bicycles-04 Funny-Bizarre-Bicycles-01 Funny-Bizarre-Bicycles-08

Great pictures of California Wildfires


Some cool HDR images


  hdrp17 hdrp1 hdrp3 hdrp2 hdrp6 hdrp7 hdrp10 hdrp11 hdrp14

I love this wall art!


The new Lara Croft

So everyone has heard of Alison Carroll, right?  She's been the official Lara Croft model since earlier this year.  She is the first Lara Croft model that's actually a gymnast.  Her last job was as a reception at a golf club.  Nice upgrade.


screen002_nm screen003_nm screen004_nm

AlisonCarroll009  AlisonCarroll004 AlisonCarroll006 AlisonCarroll008 AlisonCarroll007

Chain Surfing

Pretty impressive

Drop in with the Crocs at this theme park

article-1083788-02631650000005DC-775_468x631 article-1083788-0263031F000005DC-455_468x344

A piece of abstract art hung sideways?!

Mark Rothko

How can anyone tell which way IS sideways?

Bike Hero


I'm not entirely sure if I get the point of doing this but it's definitely impressive.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Really great story

At is a story...right?


Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true. Loneliness hurts, rejection hurts, losing someone hurts. But love, it does not.

- Unknown

I still feel… kind of temporary about myself.

— Arthur Miller

Poetry used to be a private thing, much like masturbation. You did it, sure, but you kept it to yourself. Now you don’t have to do that. You share poetry with anyone, even your wife.

— Irving Layton

Fred Muram


Kissing the Ceiling - Tamar and Noah One Day I Will Learn How to Fix Things


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iFjW50toug6j249rwzePb4JJo1_500 Uivzr60c5g40qmllUEdIU4Qso1_500 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         2770104298_c64c10806e wbcfY2Hdog6ww5aj4ob1Stxjo1_500

Fun Photoshops

filip_dujardin_1 skyvillead filip_dujardin_3


Okay, this unicorn one might not be photoshoped..


Beauty :)

P9a8BCKzRg3zcunvp9wVKRMwo1_500 fQYPIzpVFfruxtzfLp5ms0kVo1_500 kSw6v5Uorfk3ub4zeosEPkUto1_500 pU1p3ehaPg9wcusyy4LinQDCo1_500 1fdtdYBtyg9ebwhw8X8jZDalo1_500 sweEK6usfg4tc3w8yQ9HrosNo1_500 qYEHdX4X3g22tp345pMKwEwko1_500 hZ8k67Bwmg19vsrphfREWeebo1_500 7RGgy4cxifxe6l3pIYvEok8qo1_500 iFjW50toug9bl1aauI0ftlSxo1_500 bbElGspKqg7d9kqhPhwZP338o1_500 qYEHdX4X3g160k2bGGuq8yCIo1_500 RYUzYWXYQfzckcy5CexzMRhOo1_500 iFjW50toug3oie5s2P8gNaCmo1_500